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Karu completed his project

Project: 2022-1

Kenneth at the port of Fuglafjørður – Faroe Islands to welcome our good friend Karu, which back from the North Atlantic Sea.
This project has now come to an end, and time to return home after a long trip.
We know Karu for more than 18 years and last 10 years he has been working at MES, doing paint upgrades on merchant and fishing vessels "World Wide" during service and yard stay.
We wish Karu a nice vacation and looking forward to see him again.

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m/tr Akraberg - Paint supervisor Karu back onboard

Project: 2021-16.

Today our Paint Supervisor Karu arrived Faroe Islands in order to join m/tr Akraberg for paint upgrade.

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m/tr Akraberg - Our paint supervisor Karu travel home

Project: 2020-18.
Today our fantastic paint supervisor Karu, travel home from trawler Akraberg, which he has been joined for a few months for paint upgrade during shipyard stay and finally during fishing in the North Atlantic.
Safe journey home and hopefully a short quarantine. Finally enjoy your vacation.

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m/tr Høgaberg - Paint upgrade during planned stay at MEST

Project: 2020-15

Our paint supervisor Karu joined m/tr Høgaberg for various paint upgrade during planned stay at MEST Shipyard.

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m/tr Fagraberg - Various paint upgrade during planned stay at MEST

Project: 2020-12

Our paint supervisor Karu joined m/tr Fagraberg in order to make paint upgrade during vessel planned stay at MEST Shipyard.

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m/tr Akraberg - Returning home after fishing in the North Atlantic

Project: 2019-26.
Our Paint Supervisor Karu have assisted Framherji with various paint upgrade during 25 years class survey and followed the vessel for fishing i the Barents Sea to complete the work. Karu managed to return home just before New Year. Very good.

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m/tr Akraberg - Karu joining to assist with 5SS

Project: 2019-21.
Our Paint Supervisor Karu joined m/tr Akraberg to assist with paint upgrade during vessel 5 Special Survey, which will be carried out at MEST Shipyard - Skála - Faroe Islands

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m/tr Akraberg - Paint supervisor back onboard

Our paint supervisor Karu is back onboard m/tr Akraberg in order to make paint upgrade while the Vessel are in service.

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m/tr Akraberg - Our paint supervisor Karu onboard for paint upgrade

Our paint supervisor Karu have completed his works onboard m/tr Akraberg. Now the vessel is on the way back home fully loaded. We wish Karu a very good vacation.

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m/tr Høgaberg - New fishing vessel to Framherji

Today Kenneth and Peter was invited onboard the fishing vessel TORBAS, which Company Framherji have purchased from Norway.The vessel arrived Torshavn 1000hrs and went for a presentation trip to the home port, where the local brass band entertained during the welcome ceremony. The vessel is only 2 years old and will be renamed HØGABERG. MES have worked regularly for Framherji since 2007. We wish Fremherji all the best with the new vessel.

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m/tr Fagraberg - Complete full paint upgrade of hull, deck and RSV tanks

m/tr Fagraberg have completed full paint upgrade of hull, deck, RSV tanks and other upgrades at Karstensen Shipyard - Skagen - Denmark. Kenneth assisted Framherji with this project.

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m/tr Fagraberg - Completed dry docking, coversion and modification

Today m/tr Fagraberg complated dry docking repairs, conversation of main deck and other modifications. The complete project was done in a few steps beginning in December 2012 in order to have the Vessel ready for the fishing season.
Peter and Kenneth supervised this project.

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