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Special Survey at Svedala Dock Yard

Our Tanker Expert Ulf Str÷mbńck patience to come back in action after Corona lock down ran out, so he purchased an anchor incl chain and a hull.
Anchor and chain were measured according to rules and found within limit. Hull was blasted and nicely painted. His wife was happy with the Dock Yard in garden.

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Bogi celebrate his birthday at COSCO Shipyard

Today Bogi celebrated his 55 years birthday at COSCO Changxing Shipyard, and our good friends LinXu and Li showed up in the Site Office with a nice cake and a Cosco Panda bear.

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Maersk Line - MES Site Office at CSIC Xingang Shipyard

Project: 2019-10.
Repair Manager Peter and Steel Supervisor Jiao managed to arrange luxury Site Office condition in the dock bottom, during the repair period.

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Steel supervisor Jiao in action

Project: 2019-06.
Mr. Jiao in full action during the repair.

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MES Christmas Party Feb 2019

For first time all MES DD Supt from Faroe Islands were home at the same time, and this was used for a postponed Christmas Party. A very nice evening. From left, Peter, Kßri, Bogi, Kenneth and Pßll.
It was unfortunately not possible for Mr. Ulf from Sweden to join, as he was hard working.

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Pßll and Peter on compass deck - Torm Maren - Wenchong SY

Project: 2018-07.
Pßll and Peter enjoy sunset on Torm Maren during 2SS and upgrades at Wenchong SY - Guangzhou - China

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Ulf assisted Nasco SY during DD of Clipper New York

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Family visit at CIC Lixin Sanlin Shipyard

During dry docking and upgrade of mpp Clipper Concord, where Kenneth and Peter assisted Clipper Fleet Management, family of both visit CIC Lixin Sanlin Shipyard and Shanghai. A fantastic week.

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